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Welcome to your all in one educational website. was created by Eduk8 Technologies Inc. for the purpose of providing a wide variety of educational services for students, parents and educators from pre-school aged children to high school students, in one convenient and easy to navigate website.
  • Safe searching ability is a site, dedicated to education, where people looking for educational related topics, subjects, lesson plans, homework help etc… can search the web, as well as images or videos and can do so free of most inappropriate sites or material.

  • Teacher Page
    Teacher Page is a resource for teachers to view, use and print out resources created by teachers. Teacher Page is set up in an easy to use format where teachers can download material based on grade and subject. It’s that easy! Teacher Page is Free and only requires teachers to register to . Teachers do you have resources you'd like to share with other teachers? Email them to We'll review your resource and post it to the website where your resource will help make teaching even better!

  • Parents
    A page devoted to parents and caregivers dedicated to education and educational related topics. Here, information on current issues, links to educational documents as well as ministry curriculum and other information pertinent to what matters to parents and caregivers can be found. IGS also offers parents and caregivers an opportunity to become informed by taking part in online discussions through our forums on topics related to education.

  • Get School'd
    The resource page to complement igotschools safe search ability where students, educators and parents can search for common and relevant resources on the web. Each link has been chosen and added to database by EduK8 technologies qualified and experienced educators.Get School'd also offers members the ability to not only search educational links, but to also recommend educational sites not already posted to the site. Email us at online sites you like to use and think will help make teaching and learning even better!

  • Gamezone
    IGSGameZone, a quick and simple way that students, parents and educators can play educational games online by offering links to educational games found on the web. All games have been approved and posted by Eduk8 technologies qualified educators.

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